Do You Sell Wholesale?

Yes, we do selling wholesale for all products which is available in our shop but our web site unfortunately do not provide wholesale price. If you interested to buy in bulk, please  can email us to get catalog products and our wholesalet price list we set up in currency of Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

How Long Time Do You Produce If Item Is Out of Stock or Less of Stock?

It is depends on item, to full fill the inquiries 100 pieces of natural handmade order for one item we need time 3-4 weeks working. For leather bags is depends on available of natural stock. 

Can I Buy Wholesale By Mixing Item for Wholesale?

We provide  our wholesale price list by minimum order 5 pieces for one item so you can mixing the item for inquiries maximum 100 pieces for entire products.

How I Confirm My Order To Buy in Bulk?

If you are ready to place your order, send us an email by writing  the code number from the catalog pictures and total of your order for each items.